Performance at Seoul Arts College Training Occupational Orientation 

Queen Ahreum 140324

130328 Pictures from the audition for Black Queen’s sixth member. 

Queen Hyuna

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Hi there, well the picture they used is from their promo pictures for their ‘Good Girl’ single. You can see that sunha and rani are in the picture too.

Unfortunately none of them are back. The group still consists of Jandi, Jiyoung, Hyuna, Ahreum, Mizi, and soon the new member.

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Black Queen will be holding auditions for a new member. They will also be recording a new song. Don’t worry though, none of the current members will leave. With the new addition, the group will consist of six Queens.

Hi there! I'm very curious about this. Are they still active or what? I just adore them so much but I can't seem to find anything new about them... Since you said they are still together, are they still working on practices or...? What's their current status? Thanks.~

Hi there, I’m glad I waited until now to answer your ask. Because now I can say without any doubt that they are still together. And a bit of news, they will be releasing a new song in the future.

I’ll put an update soon.

did they disband? it says they did in wikipedia..

Wikipedia is extremely unreliable considering anyone can edit it. They are still together as far as we’re concerned.

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